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This is the largest update I have made to date.  I spent over a year modifying nearly all of the existing assets for the game.  I gained much help from the community with this update.  I want to thank all of your support thus far for all of my work on this game.

From the steam group:

Hey everyone! 

1.8 is finally here! It has been very long in the coming but I think the wait will be worth it. Over the past year and half I have spent countless hours working on this update. But it's not been just me, I recieved a large amount of help from all of the moderators here on the group in the building process. So I want to thank each of the moderators for your help and support. 

I want to thank everyone here on the steam group for supporting me and for waiting patiently for the release of 1.8. But, enough said, let's get into the details of 1.8:

1.8 changelog: 

-many new classes of ship
-many new graphic changes
-new shaders
-new historic campagin start
-increased heap and stack for exe
-increased stability of game
-relinked several registers in the game to help with the stack overflow ctds
-fixed small bugs (too small to list them all here)
-new scripts
-no installer (this wasn't popular for 1.7 so it is now removed)
-new soundtrack
-new intro video
-new base textures

PSA 1.8.1 Changelog: 

-fixed formations
-fixed ship glitches
-fixed crashes

PSA 1.8.2 Changelog:

-fixed commanders
-fixed formations
-fixed ctds caused by formations
-fixed ctds caused by several ships
-minor script tweaks
-note: When starting you must manually move your crew to the ships/aircraft. After you create more ships this will be done automatically.

PSA 1.8.3 Changelog:

-fixed ctds caused by formations
-fixed some torpedo balance
-added basic batch launcher that allows you to dissable the mods folder and run vanilla PSA
-added formation types
-fixed some engine audio glitches
-added bump maped textures for 
-fixed issue where you could not train troops fast enough to offset mortality

Sorry guys for the issues at release, but here is the new fixed version. Thank you all for being so patient and supportive in spite of the issues we encountered.

PSA 1.8.4 Changelog:


-fixed several poor skydomes

-fixed formation bug where you could not add aircraft to a formation

-fixed scripts forcing Japan to star war by 1942

-Buff: New York's armor has received a very large buff.

-Nerf: all Japan torpedo's have had their ranged reduced.

-changed the tactical map so that the "map objects" are no longer there


PSA 1.8.5 FW Changelog (not released):

-new scripts changes

PSA 1.8.5 Asset Changelog (not released):

-altered numbers for balance for campaign


PSA now has a new system for the updates.  We now have a framework edition(FW) and the assets edition (assets).  The framework edition only has the core engine and script changes.  This will be a core set of changes that will allow you to run other mods alongside 1.8.5.  The assets edition will have all of the new scripts, units, and graphics.  It will be the largest complete update for PSA.  However, if you wish to run the assets edition you MUST install it AFTER you install the framework edition.

Thank You!


I hope that all of you will enjoy the newest update for PSA. I again want to thank you all for being here and supporting me during the building process of this update. The best part of this group has been getting to meet you guys and to talk to you. So thank you, for the amazing 2 and half years I've been making these updates, it's all because of you guys. 

Thanks, God Bless,

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