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Hey everyone!

As always here is our new monthly news update!  We have some cool things to talk about, and I can’t wait to share with you all!  

Before I get started,  You guys may have seen Aardwolf around on our discord, he is a new team member working on models and textures!  So please do welcome him to the community!

Things we have done:


As promised from last month we continued working on our physics integration!  I got our movement system converted to use real physics instead of simply calculating where the entity should be after each system tick.  This allows for more fluid control and is the first step in hit detection and more accurate movement.  This took many days to get working as I had to teach myself quaternion math (what PhysX uses) and my goodness...I remember why I hate math haha!


From here I also laid the foundation for our shooting.  I didn’t get quite as far as I would have liked, but the system should be ready to go once we get our particle effects made. 


Also, we managed to get the high poly version of the Fubuki finished!  Thanks to Aardwolf for getting that done for us!  I’ll post some images below of it!



Things we are going to work on:


This month we are going to do two major engine things: get projectiles firing with full particle effects, and hit detection.  The hit detection will work in two parts, and thus I’ll be working on the first part this month, and the next part next month.  However, once that is done, we can actually have ship to ship combat! 


Along with the engine work, we have GameWalrus working on particles.  Hopefully he’ll be sharing some of those with you guys as he goes!


Slamer is hard at work with research, and you can see all the work he has put in on the trello board.  He is building equipment lists for the ships, so if you have any feedback make sure to @ him!


Heaven is converting the Fubuki to be in game ready, so hopefully you’ll be able to see an actual in engine render of that ship coming up!


Finally (but not least) Aardwolf is texturing the Fletcher for us!  We also have a few ideas running around on how these textures are going to work, so stay tuned for those details!

Issues we are having:


Nothing major going on here in terms of issues! 



This last month was awesome in terms of progress made, and this month hopefully we can get even more done! I’m on summer break from school so I’ve got more time to spend on the project, as well as to be around the community, so if you guys have any comments for me, feel free to hit me up!



Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!


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