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Hey everyone!

​Yet another great month of development is behind us!  I’m super pumped about some of the work we did, so let’s get into it!


Things we have done:

This month we successfully got the Mogami hitboxes created, and engine ready!  Recall back in Milestone One when we first were working on the hitboxes, how we created a custom exporter for them?  Well, that is really helping us out now! 

I also managed to get the biggest thing done that I wanted, which is equipment templates!  Now it is possible to register set templates for ship’s equipment layouts.  The default layout comes from a file that is linked from the config file and allows us to define not only the default layout of a ship, but also will allow the reading of all possible equipment types a ship can use in a specific slot.

Another really great thing that we got working is our damage calculations!  The calculations are now set (though it could change in the future if we feel the need to) and it also incorporates flooding to compartments!  Unfortunately I didn’t get the flooding to be represented in the physics engine yet, but that’s a very easy thing to do this next month.

Things we are going to work on:

​This month we are going to fully equip the Mogami, which may include some custom particle effects for the guns!  I also wan to look into getting the math laid out for gun turret elevations when shooting.  This is one of those things that is easy to plan for, but I have a feeling will take some time to get just right.

Next I want to get ships to truly sink as they flood.  Again, this should be really easy to do as we already have flooding numbers being calculated, it’s just a matter of keying that into the physics engine.

Finally, I'll be taking the icons that we got working last month, and applying those to individual units, so they represent unit orders, instead of just general marks.



Issues we are having:

 Nothing to report on! Though, I will be out of town for the first part of the new month, so you may not hear from me for a bit LOL.



As always, make sure to let us know how we are doing, and what your thoughts are!  I cant wait to see how the progress this month comes together!


Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!

God Bless,



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