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Hey everyone!

We have some cool things going on so let’s get to it!


Things we have done:

​This month we did most of what we said we were going to do and started something extra! 


First off, we now have the Iwo Jima model ready and prepped for texturing.  Milestone 2 is about ship combat extended, but we started with getting the terrain system started early to make the transition to Milestone 3 all the easier, while also allowing us to have some nice backdrops with the ship combat.


We have the new particle trail type in the works. In case I haven’t said of course, the particle system works by having different predefined particle types (like effects, trails, persistent, etc) This last month I was working on the trail type; however, I didn’t get it finished, but the system is mostly done, and when its done (this month) it will have a 3rd particle type as well.  So we are getting 2 for the price of 1 integration.  I also have a basic ship wake particle affect going that will let us test this with once the system is ready for testing. 


Next up, the basic damage read out UI element is built and in its proper location, I just have to tie that into the selection system and then we can print all the ship damage readouts!  This wasn’t supposed to be finished this month anyway, but having started will help when it comes time to flesh out this system.


Something I didn’t talk about last announcement, but decided to work on anyway is the pointer UI system.  Right now when you command ships to move or fire you just have to guess where it was you clicked, but now the UI system is about ready to support pointers that show exactly where you selected as well as being able to show different kinds of information based on the type of pointer placed.


We also have some new AA models completed/in the works for the bases. Once again, we are getting a good jump start on this work while I’m busy with the engine and its systems.


Finally, we have a new modeler on the team!  I hope that he’ll show his work as we go, but for now he’ll be working with Heaven on some of the new Milestone 2 ships!





Things we are going to work on:

This month we are going to finish up and test the new particle types, get the damage UI implemented and reading the data from the ship’s compartments, get proper data recorded for the ships and their hit compartments.  From there I also want to get the pointers tested and running.


We will continue working on our models and hopefully by next update we will have some cool screens to show off to you guys!


If time permits, I’ll get the actual damage calculations working and implemented. If this manages to happen then we can have true ship battles where one ship destroys another.  Once that is done, I’ll build a new particle type to cause explosions upon death, which will make for some really cool moments!


Issues we are having:

 Nothing to report on! :D


As always, thank you all for the continued support and make sure to let me and the other devs know what you guys are thinking!  Let me know if you guys would like to have access to the tech demo for Milestone One, if enough of you do I may go ahead and post that for y’all to play with (and hopefully take nice screenshots 😉 )


Oh, final thing. On the Trello board for PF there is a new tab for “want to have” ideas. These ideas are not planned to be implemented as we want to focus on the core of the game, but they are ideas that we may toy with after the base is completed.  If you guys have any ideas you want posted there please suggest them in the PF discord or steam page and tag either myself or CopyCat to post it for you!



Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!

God Bless,



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