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Hey everyone!

Here is the next monthly update (and this time I’m not late by a week)!  Last month was great, but I finished early, so this month I’m going to go all in and “overload” to see how much I can do in a month.  Let’s get into it!


What We Accomplished

We managed to get the Japanese ship list completed, which will be posted below.  We also managed to get scripts to run and load in the engine.  I also modified the engine so that the command console is no longer a command console, it allows you to build scripts inside the engine to execute commands, or to save them for later.  This will be helpful for those of you who want to test mods or want to set up custom scenarios!  I’ll hopefully be putting together a small video this month to showcase this.  There also has been progress in the search for modelers outside of the community, hopefully you all have met Wolf, he’s been helping us out in that department as well!

Things We Are Going To Work On

As I mentioned earlier, this month I’m going to be ambitious and get a large headway for the first milestone.  If you haven’t heard, the first milestone is going to be the first ship vs ship combat!  This month in the engine I’m going to add support for ammo and turrets.  If I have time after getting them in the engine, I’ll add the ability to shoot them as well.  Once this is completed the last big thing that would need to be done will be hit detection, but you need to be able to shoot something before you can detect it.


Things We Are Having Problems With

Honestly, I can’t think of anything to make note of here this month.  Instead of me talking about problems that didn’t exist how about I open the floor up to you all.  Below I’ve also added a place where you can leave some comments back to me about how you are feeling towards, well, anything really.  Let me know how you are liking these monthly updates, the progress with the game, anything like that. 


Thank you all for your continued support!

Let The Storm Begin!


Japan Ship List:

        Mutsuki Class - 2
        Fubuki Class - 3
        Akatsuki Class - 3
        Shiratsuyu Class - 3
        Asashio Class - 3
        Yugumo Class - 3
        Akizuki Class - 2
        Shimakaze Class? - 4
        Shimuushu Class - 1
        Etorofu Class - 1
        Ukuru Class - 1
        Type-C Class - 1
        Type-D Class - 1
        Tenryu Class - 3
        Kuma Class - 4
        Nagara Class - 4
        Sendai Class - 4
        Agano Class - 5
        Oyodo Class - 4
        Furutaka Class - 6
        Aoba Class - 7
        Myoko Class - 7
        Takao Class - 7
        Mogami Class - 6
        Tone Class - 7
        Kongo Class - 7
        Fuso Class - 7
        Ise Class - 7
        Nagato Class - 8
        Yamato Class - 10
        Ryujo Class - 6
        Hiyo Class - 6
        Zuiho Class - 5
        Taiyo Class - 5
        Akagi Class - 7
        Kaga Class - 8
        Soryu Class - 7
        Shokaku Class - 7
        Unryu Class - 7
        Shinano Class? - 6
        Taiho Class? - 8
        I-51 Class - 4
        Ro-11 Class - 3
        Ro-100 Class - 3
        I-400 Class - 4
        I-201 Class - 3
        Ha-201 Class - 2

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