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Hey everyone!

This is the first Milestone Two monthly update!  Hopefully you already saw the Milestone One video I put out last month!  This next milestone will have many system upgrades, as well as new assets!  I cant wait to see the project’s growth over this milestone!

Things we have done:

This month was slow actually, though we’ve made progress in terms of our modeled assets!  We have all the AA guns for both the Fletcher and Fubuki made, textured, and placed on the ships! I will make sure to get some screens of them fully loaded in the next month.  We have also been spending time working out good methods for building our terrain and discussing how we will integrate that into the engine!  It is possible the engine will truly support terrain in the coming month!  Also, I implemented a way for the engine to “self-clean” old used particle systems, which was a large bug that was not fixed in Milestone One (this fix will be in the patron's tech demo).

Things we are going to work on:

This next month we are going to work engine side on refining several of our engine’s systems, as well as working on the terrain!  I would also like to spend some time putting together the core of the engine editor that will potentially turn into in engine modding tools for the community.  This is still a very early concept, but rest assured, I’ll be sure to share all the information on this as we develop it.  Let me know your thoughts on having all the “modding tools” built into the game/engine!

Also, the tech demo for Patreon supporters will be out hopefully in the first half of the month!  All patrons (both from Patreon and Paypal) will receive the tech demo regardless of if they are currently supporting the project or if they are no longer supporting the project. I really do appreciate the financial support, and being able to release these tech demos will be a great way for everyone to see the progress we are making for themselves!

Issues we are having:

​Nothing to report here :D


As always, thank you all for your support!  Completing Milestone One is a huge deal, and is something I’m super excited for!  As I’ve said before, being able to take the community along for the development process is what I wanted to do from the start, and the fac that we are able to report on some great things is really awesome!  I hope that you all feel the same way!


Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!


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