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Hey everyone!  It’s that time again, time for a new monthly update! If you didn’t see the previous one, then this is the method I’m using to communicate all the new going ons with Pacific Fury and it’s development!  I’ll be mentioning things we finished in the last month, things we intend on doing in the new month, and things we are having issues with!  It’s highly informal, and it’s also to help spur PF conversations!  Let’s get into it!


Things We Completed:

This was a crazy month for me on a personal level, I quit a job, took a family vacation, reworked a part of the engine, and built entity movement.  We also began looking at getting a true ship list for the US and Japanese nations.  Each ship has a “power level” which is a number from a 1-10 scale.  This number is arbitrary and doesn’t have any real impact, it just allows us to make sure that both nations have the same “power”.  This is what we mean by balancing through historic accuracy!

The movement system is implemented, and running very well, though there are needing some computational tweaks that I’ll be working out over the next few days. 


Things We Are Going To Work On:

The Japanese ship list should be finished by the end of this month, as well as allowing us to place equipment on board ships.  Equipment would be things like guns, radar, sonar, etc.  Of course not all the equipment will be built now, but we will have the system to place test equipment on board ships.

We also are starting to put together a soundtrack made from royalty free music.  This soundtrack will be released on YouTube as soon as we have it compiled.

Finally, now that movement is all but done there will be a test for our alpha testers.  This is one thing we didn’t get to do this month, the rework on the engine took priority over the new stuff so it pushed me back by a few days.  Once the testers have some time with this, there may be a public “tech demo” that allows you guys to load up and move a ship around a pre-rendered ocean just so you all see what I’m seeing.


Things We Are Having Issues With:

Well, this is not too bad this month.  There was an issue with the engine design, and I had to go back and rework some key elements.  This did take time away from movement, but between last night and this morning I put something like 13 hours straight into finishing up movement to meet deadlines.  I’m kind of burned out from stressing over that, but I’m glad it’s all looking up from here.



That’s it for this month.  Overall I’d say it’s been a good one, and I hope you all let me know on your impressions!  Thank you all for taking the time to read all of this!  Below I’ll post the ship list for the US fleet with their power ratings.  Please note, the ship list is not a list of ships we are putting into the game!  It is a list of ships for us to pick from when the time comes.  Please vote on the ships you do want in the game, but if it doesn’t show up on release don’t be upset :D.


Thanks everyone! And as always, I’ll see you here, there, or in the air!

Let the Storm Begin!




USA Ship List:



      Allen M. Sumner Class - 3

      Benson Class - 2

      Clemson Class - 1

      Fletcher Class - 2

      Gearing Class - 3



      Buckley Class - 1

      Cannon Class - 2

      Evarts Class - 1

      John C. Butler Class - 2



      Atlanta Class - 5

      Brooklyn Class - 5

      Cleavland Class - 5

      Omaha Class - 4

      St Louis Class - 5



      Baltimore Class - 6

      Northampton Class - 6

      Pensacola Claaa - 6

      Portland Class - 6

      Wichita Class - 6



      Alaska Class - 7



      Colorado Class

      Iowa Class - 9

      Nevada Class - 7

      New Mexico Class - 7

      New York Class - 6

      North Carolina Class - 8

      Pennsylvania Class - 7

      South Dakota Class - 8

      Tennessee Class - 6



      Bogue Class - 4

      Casablanca Class - 5

      Commencement Bay Class - 5



      Essex Class - 8-9

      Lexington Class - 7

      Yorktown Class - 7

      Wasp Class - 7



      Balao Class - 5

      Gato Class - 5

      Porpoise Class - 3

      Salmon Class - 4

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