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Hey everyone!

This month was productive!  We added a new coder to the team, and he has been a big help! (Welcome DicheBach).  I’ve also promoted CopyCat to assist me with managing the project, as well as to take the lead when it comes to community relations in regard to PF.  I unfortunately haven’t been around as much as I should be, but what I’m hoping is that he will be able to in part do what I have been failing to do and to help with communication between our devs, as well as communication from the entire dev team and you guys the community!  With all that introduction, let’s get into the monthly breakdowns!


Things we have done:

As stated last month we have the particle system up and running, and a few engine refinements.  I’m excited as we have the foundation now for the largest system, the physics engine.  I also managed to get script loading working as promised in the last update.  This took a few hours, but it’s a huge step in the direction of making a moldable game out of a raw game engine.



Things we are going to work on:

This month we are going to make progress on our new ship model (Fubuki), begin texturing the Fletcher, and begin creating assets to go along with the Fletcher.  On the engine side of things we are going to begin working towards integrating the physics engine.  This will allow us to later integrate hit detection, damage system, projectiles, and more refined movement!



Issues we are having:

Nothing to report here!  Honestly, things are going fairly smoothly on all fronts!



With all of that being said, I want to ask you guys: What are you most excited for?  Of the features you know are going to be there, what interests you the most?  And of course, what features do you think would add the most to the gameplay, and why?

Next month you should be getting information on how the physics system implementation went, and potentially a video demonstrating some of the new systems we have in  place, and how physics impacts them!


Thanks again for all your support!

Let The Storm Begin!


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