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PSA 1.7 was my second large update. I spent several months, and got a lot of help from many of the other coders on the steam group to help me out.  We changed many of the models and textures for the game.

From the steam group:

Hello Commanders,

Pacific Storm Allies 1.7 is now complete and released. I have worked for many months on the project along with other amazing coders who were able to help me greatly in the creation of this update. I'm going to add a changelog here and I'm going to try to remember who did what and put their alias in perenthises beside the change.

Download: http:// (remove spaces)

Change Log:

-New Strategic Level map layout (Deathmaw)
-New Strategic Level Units (Deathmaw)
-Units and Turrets now have historically accurate armour (Deathmaw)
-Enhanced Strategic Level AI (KQRTW)
-Fixed AI Spawning (KQRTW)
-Enhanced Environment
-Enhanced Lighting
-Ehanced Water Effects/Lighting/Reflections
-New Models/Textures for many of the PS1 Units (Thanks Ichea for all the help with this)
-New 64 bit compatability
-fixed stack overflow CTD
-Better Optomized for higher end systems
-fixed 3d audio codec
-Random script fixes
-some small Texture work
-New Audio (Ichea)
-many random bugs fixed

(Models were obtained from and their amazing modders) 

Because of the nature of some of these changes the minimum system requirements have to be changed.

CPU- dual core 2.3 Ghz
RAM- 4 Gb 
GPU- Intel 3000 HD will work but a dedicated card would enable better gameplay

Note: Multiplayer will NOT work unless both the client and host are running PSA 1.7

To install the patch please download the zip file and extract the installer. Run the installer with Administrative privilages. If the installer appears to stop let it continue. Make sure to link the installer to your Game's folder.

I have created a new topic where you can post any bugs you find. I will be fixing bugs that you post there before I begin 1.8

thanks everyone for the support! Thanks to all the modders and thanks to all the gamers who are still playing this awesome game!

Before I begin work on PSA 1.8 I need to get together a group of coders. If you are interested in helping with the 1.8 project let me know now so that I know who is available. the project will begin production in the summer of 2015.

If anyone is interested in watching some PSA 1.7 gameplay check out the PS:A Gamers YouTube channel:

Edit: There was a glitch where the campaign would end prematurely then CTD. This is fixed. It was caused by a test script that accidentily got placed in with the rest. Here is a new scripts folder that will fix this bug: {LINK REMOVED}
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit 2: Hello everyone, PSA 1.7.1 is now released. very few things were changed however 1.8 is in full production.

-changed several ports
-fixed several script errors
-added units to Japan and US at the start of campaign
-Fixed config errors

DL: http:// (remove spaces)

NOTICE: PSA 1.7.1 had a typo error in it, please move the new script files manually to the existing scripts folder in your PSA game files.

Thanks everyone!
God Bless,


Download: Support discontinued
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