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Hello Pacific Fury Community! Admiral Trask here. WWJD has tasked me with writing the monthly update for November. For those who may not know me, I’m the coordinator, researcher, and all-rounder for the dev team – also known as the “I can fix that” guy.

Things we got done:

This month, we finished water explosions, completed the hit detection, damage, and projectile tracking systems, and have also implemented an action system in engine. The completion of these systems enables us to put together a tech demo, which will be available to patrons once bug fixing is complete.

Things we are having issues with:

We have had some minor hang-ups with the engine bugs, as well as creating the hitboxes for the ships he had in game, but we are working on these issues and should have them complete within the next week or two, after which the aforementioned tech demo will be available.

Things we are going to do:

Up next on our docket is the Baltimore Cruiser. We need to get the model loaded and textured. Additionally, we will be creating particle effects for things such as gun smoke and explosions.


Thank you all for your continued support of this project. We will have more news for you next month!

-Admiral Trask

Yo!  WWJD just sneaking in here!  Below are some images from work we have done over the course of Milestone One!  I'm super hyped with all the progress we are making!  anyway, I better run before Trask gets back! OH, by the way, I snuck a screen in for Milestone Three.  Just don't tell Trask...ok WWJD out!

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