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Hey everyone!

Thank you all for being patient with me!  I’ve had a very interesting couple of months, and it’s messed up my Pacific Fury work schedule; however, this month I’m back to making updates and I have a lot of great progress to report on!

For those of you interested, I just graduated college!  I’ll be job hunting and starting a new career soon, but don’t worry, I’m still completely dedicated to PF and will continue working on it just as I always have!  Besides, now more than ever, I have tons of great help!

Enough about me, time to get into the progress on Pacific Fury!​


Things we have done:

​Ohh boy do I have some things to talk about here!  Alright, let’s start off with models.  We have finished the model for the Mogami cruiser! This is the largest ship yet, and BlackHeaven has done an AMAZING job with all of the details on this ship!  We now have Aardwolf texturing it, and by the next update we will have a completely finished cruiser! 

We also have a few different weapon ammo types modeled and textured!  Aardwolf did a great job on them, and you can check a few of them out below!

Engine side there is some great stuff!  Firstly, a new particle type has been created!  We now have trails!  Trails are things like ship wakes, smoke trails, exhaust trails, and possibly trails from fired cannon shells.  We already have a basic ship wake template/placeholder that is shown below.  Honestly this was a super fun thing to add to the engine, and I’m very glad that its there.  During the development of the trail system it forced me to have to make some more engine refinements in how particles are rendered, and so not only did we gain a cool new particle effect, but the engine itself became yet another step better!

From there we now have the GUI element to display unit statistics!  This element can be maximized and minimized and it supplies two different tabs that allow you to view different information about individual units.  The connection between the data and the GUI element needs to be made, but that’ll be happening in the next month.

Finally, we have a cool little thing to show off our Milestone 1 work coming out soon, so keep an eye out for that!




Things we are going to work on:

​This month we are going to be working on connecting all the unit stats to the new GUI elements, having that then tie back to our damage system, and testing/fixing what needs work in terms of the damage system.  I’d also very much like to add in a ship sinking animation this month.  I think that it’ll be relatively easy to add; but it will be the next step in ship’s taking damage, so might as well knock it out.

From there we are getting the Mogami textures (as stated above) and we will be moving forward on other assets. 

I also plan to have 2d markers working in engine by the end of the month.  These markers will signify to the user different locations (like attack points, movement points etc.) in the 3d ocean space.  It’ll be very handy for testing, but also is needed for smooth gameplay.


Issues we are having:

 Nothing to report on! :D



Thank you all for being patient with me, as well as supporting the project!  Honestly you guys are a big reason for why I do this, and I couldn’t imagine being part of a better community!

Also, for those of you who are Patreon supporters, I have revised the tier list with new updated incentives which you all get to take advantage of. 

If anyone has any comments questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!

God Bless,



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