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Hey everyone!

Though I may not have access to a computer that can develop our engine, I do have a little laptop for typing!  Small victories I know.  Regardless, if you haven’t heard, my main PC decided to die on me, so I’m in the process of figuring out a new system, as such none of the engine work got done this month.  Unfortunately, things happen, and this wasn’t something I could really have prepared for.  Thankfully, all of our data is saved and backed up, so nothing has been lost!  Though I’ve been unable to do any work, we still are making progress in other areas, so let’s get into it!


Things We Got Done:

We are nearing the completion of two new cruisers!  This is super exciting, and I’m really happy that in the next month or two we will be able to have ship battles with four ship classes!  I’ll of course be posting images once I have them for the new ships, but until then you can take a peak in the PF Discord and see some in progress screens!

From there we’ve also finished work on four land based AA guns! They have been modeled and textured!  Images of those are also on the Discord but I’ll try to post them below as well!


Things we are having issues with:

Well…I’ll consider losing my PC a pretty big issue, but other than that, nothing else LOL!


Things we are going to do:

This month is going to be interesting.  I have just graduated college, and as such I’m taking two weeks off to give myself a bit of a break; however, this works REALLY well since I don’t have a PC to work with anyway.  So, during the next two weeks I’ll figure out a new PC and take a break at the same time. While that’s going on we are going to keep working on the new cruisers, textures for them if we can do that this month, and finally there is a fun side project I’m going to have two members of the team working on  which I’m really hoping will be out by the next update!  If I manage to get my PC sorted in a timely fashion, I’ll knock out the last month’s engine work this month, but I’ll keep you all posted as to how that goes.


As always,

Let the Storm Begin,

God Bless,


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