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Hey everyone!

As always here is our new monthly news update! 


Things we have done:

This month we were able to make progress with the physics engine!  I’m sure you guys have seen me talk about this, but I am excited to be working on this element of the engine.   Once it is fully working, I’ll make sure to share that with you all in Discord.   


Aside from the physics engine work Slammer has been able to get us several equipment lists for ships.  The equipment lists are the early concept of what ships can be equipped with, some of which can be user changed mid game with retrofit etc.


Things we are going to work on:

This month will be like the previous where we are going to continue working on physics, and our ship lists.  I know Heaven is also working on the Fubuki, and from what I’ve seen, it’s looking great! Maybe he’ll share some in progress shots as well!


My personal ambitious goal is to have friable cannons with a projectile.  This will take a lot of work, but once this is done, it’ll be a huge task off of my plate.



Issues we are having:

This month has been hard on me, I wasn’t able to get everything done physics related that I wanted.  I was hoping to have our movement system replaced with the new physics engine, however finals hit, and I wasn’t able to finish up in time.  However, I’ll wrap this up after the semester ends.  I’ll have 11 days off, in which time I’ll catch back up and hopefully get ahead on working on our firable cannons!



As always, thank you all for your support!  And I hope to have another great month of discussion and progress!



Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!


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