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Hey everyone!

Here we go!  A monthly update on time!


Things we have done:

We got done everything listed in the previous update!  The new terrain system is implemented, and though it still needs some refinement it puts us ahead of schedule in terms of base development.  Terrain was originally slated to be part of Milestone Three; however, I wanted to make some progress on it to offer nice backdrops for the ship combat that we will be refining in Milestone Two. 


Further, we are making progress on our next ship!  This time a cruiser! Below will be images of the new terrain, and a sneak peak of the new ship!


Finally, the Milestone One tech demo will be released to all donators just after this post is published!  It is worth mentioning, I did manage to fix a bug from this tech demo which was still an issue, so the delay in getting it out ultimately made it a better demo.​


Things we are going to work on:

This month we will continue work on the ship and possibly begin some terrain refinements (though not much time will be dedicated to this).  The primary focus will be in getting a new particle type registered (trails), which will be used in the creation of ship wakes and plane exhaust.


If there is time, I’ll also spend time working on our damage model and getting the basic UI for it created.  As previously outlined the damage model is based on compartments and as such the UI needs to display all compartments on board a ship and show its health.  I also have a further idea for a graphical interface for this, but that won’t be started until next month.


Issues we are having:

Honestly, nothing here!



As always, thank you all for your support!  And I hope to have another great month of discussion and progress!  Below are some images of our work this month!  Please do let us know what you all think!



Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!

God Bless,



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