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Hey everyone!

As always here is our new monthly news update!  In case you didn’t see my post in the Pacific Fury chat on Discord, I made a course correction from last month:  Originally we were going to get cannon fire working, but I instead chose to substitute reworking the particle system (and adding a new plugin to the engine for it).  This will ultimately allow us to build more particles faster in the long run, as well as giving us more control over how they look in game.

Things we have done:

As stated above, I reworked our particle system to use a new plugin, as well as do some optimizing.  The work I did with this is already staged to add to cannons firing, so I wont need to do that next month.

We also got our Fletcher textured!  Aardwolf did a fantastic job on this and I’ll make sure to put a few images of it below. 

Along with the texture I added a system to add wear to entities as time passes.  This was a fun system to build, and didn’t take too long, but allows a more immersive feel of entities.  Ultimately, I wanted to show that each ship you build has a story from the time it’s built, to the time it sinks, or get decommissioned.  Once you build a ship it’ll look brand new, but as time passes without retrofitting or repairing it, it will slowly gain a worn look.

Things we are going to work on:

As stated above we are going to get the cannons firing this month.  This is already staged to happen, and Unless something major interferes this WILL happen this month. There shouldn’t be any more interferences with this engine side.

We have started a new model for a US cruiser, so if your interested to figure out what ship that is make sure to @Aardwolf in the chat!

Thanks to the new particle upgrades we are also going to be building some nice effects this month.  I want us to get cannon fire, water explosions, and possibly a wake all done.  These will really add a nice feel to the game!

Issues we are having:

Nothing major going on here in terms of issues! 

Once again, we had a great month, and I’m incredibly happy to be working on this project and to have all of your guy’s support!  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask!


Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!


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