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Hey everybody, WWJD here!

Well, first off I want to thank everyone who has been here for many days, weeks, months and years. The PSA community is still growing, and it's all due to you guys, so thank you all!

Now, with that being said, there are a few new things I'm looking into doing for the next update, as well as some IRL updates I want to make known as they directly impact my activity level with the game coding. So, let's jump in.

As of the next PSA patch update, there will be two downloads.  There will be a framework version of PSA 1.8, as well as a "asset" version of 1.8.  The framework version will include the scripts, GameParams, and any new core code.  This framework will be much much more compatable with other mods, such as the SS mod and others.  Now, the asset version will include all the new "pretty" stuff that 1.8 has to offer, including but limited to:  new ships, new base textures, new shaders, new skydomes, new affects, new audio.   I know this is a pretty large change, however it will allow those of you just looking for fixes to try them out before fully delving into all the new assets we have.  With that being said, the install process will be mildly different and will be explained in the next update.  There will now be two version numbers for 1.8(one for framework version and one for asset version) so when posting bugs you'll need to make sure to include the exact version.

As to YouTube and streaming,  I still plan to do those, and I already have  a new video I'm about to upload, so sorry for those delays.

Now onto the real life stuff!  So,  I just started my new college semester, and that is going to eat up a lot of time, just like always, so hang on while I push through all that...but there is one more thing I want to share, because this will likely be the largest reason for my absence, I might have actually stepped into the realm few coders have been in...I'm actually in a really great relationship right now, it started over the summer and yeah.  So I of course need to devote time to her as well. I hope with all this that you veterans on the group will help the new guys, and that we will continue to grow PSA!  

So, Thanks guys!

God Bless,


Sink Them All!


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