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Let The Storm Begin!

Hey Everybody!  WWJD Here with another news update!  Alot of things have happened in the last two weeks, so let me explain what all is going on.

First off, I released a video showcasing an early trailer for a new game that I am building, Pacific Fury.  This new game is my next big project.  I am building a new engine for this game to be built in.  For now my PSA work will be put down so that all of my time can be spent making this game what PSA should have been.  I want to work with the community to improve and to build this new game and new engine to be something that we all enjoy and want.

With building a game, you need time and a lot of support.  I know that lot of you guys supported my work with PSA so I hope you continue to support me as I create what will be a spiritual successor.  I want to make it clear however, I'm not leaving the PSA community I have made,  I am simply migrating the community into a new and a better game.  

So the question is, what is this new game?  Pacific Fury will be a WWII grand stragety game based in the pacific theater.  Though that is similar to PSA, there are going to be key differences.  The entire war is fought on one large map, where the battles, and strategy happen together.  There is no loading break to go into battle, because you are already there, and there is no break to command a fleet, because you are already there too.  The game will allow modifications of your units in game with new equipment, and will be designed to have a fully functioning multiplayer campaign, which is something PSA lacked.  We will also be fully supporting of modding, with what I hope will be a custom scripting engine that the modders can use to build custom scenarios.   I'll be adding more details in the Pacific Fury tab about what this game has if you all are interested.

The final thing I want to touch on is my Patreon,  I'm not going to spend long talking about it, but I do want to put it out there that if you are interested in how this game looks/sounds, consider heading over there and donating a few dollars a month.  It will allow me more time to work on this project, as well as give me some funds to put into the game that I wouldn't have normally.  More information can be found on Patreon, and if you have any specific questions, just let me know.

Well, for now that's it.  If you guys have any questions make sure to hit me up!  I hope you all enjoy as we progress into a new game, and a new engine built by the community, for the community!

Thanks guys!

God Bless!

Let The Storm Begin!


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