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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late posting with this, but school just started back and it's slowing me down big time!  But enough about me, let's get into it!


What We Accomplished

We have some cool stuff done this month.  The core code for the turrets its in place, we have some of the base buildings getting modeled and a new ship is on the way!  Overall we are still driving forward towards the first milestone!

Things We Are Going To Work On

By the end of month I would like to have the turrets equipable on the ships, and have them able to be rotated, and with luck maybe fired.  Some of this month is going to be very dependent upon how my school goes and how much time I'll have to work on the engine.


Things We Are Having Problems With

Nothing major to report on here!  Again, I'm moving fairly slowly but that's just what happens when you are spending time studying.  

Alright, now, something I want to post here for fun.  Let's take a small look at the last year or so of development!    I'm going to post some images and screenshots of the development!  Let me know what you think!


Thank you all for your continued support!

Let The Storm Begin!



The earliest image I have is back when the log system was first being tested.  It's ironic that a large part of the logic for this system got altered later on.


Then we had to get our first renders on the rendering engine.  So I started with the sky.


Of course, that sky wasn't the nice quality you all would expect from I had to rise to the ocation.


Naturally you need an ocean for a game that is mostly about the navy.


The water needed a color change so I spent some time perfecting that.


You gotta have some storms....y'know, Let the Storm Begin and all.


At this point I got a very basic UI started.  Ultimately the style and positioning changed and the textures are going to be changed in the future.


Here is some more progress with the UI.  The homeland screen was laid down at this point.


Then the in game console system was started.  This ultimately changed to an in game script editor that can launch scripts live and save them for use later.  


Finally it came time to load an object into the engine.  BlackHeaven came up with this model and we got it to import...though the shaders hadn't been implemented.


Then we got a tes....wait.


Then we got a test ship with actual shaders..though they still weren't working quite right




BlackHeaven did an amazing job finishing up the Fletcher for us, and my goodness is it beautiful!


Then we got movement...but I can't show that in images.  

Anyway, thanks for checking this out!  I hope you guys like how things are going, and as always...LET THE STORM BEGIN!


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