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Hey everyone!

A new month and a new community update!  I don’t think I need to remind you how this works so let’s get into it!


Things we have accomplished:

This was a fantastic month for development.  I managed to get a large amount of work done with the equipment system for the engine.  The engine now supports probe (radar, sonar, rangefinders, etc) equipment and the system to add them to entities is well in the works, granted, there is no use for them yet as there is no game type to play, but the engine does support them which is a huge step in the right direction.  I would almost consider this entire part done considering that testing it all will be difficult until there is a true scenario to play.  Our IJN list wasn’t completed this month, but will be finished in the  next few days and I’ll post it as soon as it’s complete.


Things we are going to work on:

This next month is going to build on last month. We are getting a new model done for the IJN which will allow us to start planning our first ship vs ship battle (super hyped about starting that old YouTube series back).  I also want to create a video or two that demonstrates how easy it is for modders to build on this engine.  I’ve put a lot of thought into this, and I think the system I have is going to be great, it will also be flexible to add modding tools later (both made by us and the community). As for the engine, I’ll be adding in gun type equipment (non-firing but placeable and attachable to units.) and will look at scratching the surface for our scripting engine, which will allow us and modders to create gameplay scenarios.


Things we are having issues with:

I've had some developments in my life recently that enable me to do some new things with Pacific Fury development. I'll be outsourcing some parts of development, such as modeling and texture work. However, being able to accomplish this will be entirely dependent on community donations. Your contributions have enabled me to devote more of my time to development (I'm currently working as though this were a true part time job at this point.) and I'd like to be able to do even more with this project. A full breakdown of the cost of development will be available soon (after getting quotes from contracting). In addition, I'd like to mention that I'm at a crossroads personally, as I just quit my part-time job and am looking at other opportunities. If interest in Pacific Fury takes off, then I'll be able to devote myself full-time to completing this project (which would be my preferred option). Otherwise, I'll continue to work on it as time permits with the other obligations in my life.  If you all have any suggestions as well let me know!

With that being said, I really want to thank you all for being there for me, and being part of this community, thank you to those who are supporting me on patreon, and I hope you all have a great day :D


Let the Storm Begin!


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