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Hey everyone!

I present to you the single latest community update since I’ve been doing community updates! :P  In any case, this is going to be a very short update as last month was very rough on me in terms of life, so I apologize for that, but I hope to step it up and improve this month!


Things We Got Done:

Unfortunately we didn’t get that much done.  We have progressed on our terrain system, and have created a new and faster way to generating terrain, texturing, and adding details; however, most of this is still in the testing phase so I don’t have much to show you all.  I also got the Pacific Fury GitHub repository updated in preparation for tech demo testing!


Things we are having issues with:

Honestly, there isn’t anything we are having issues with in terms of the team, though as I alluded to previously I had a rough month and due to that there wasn’t much progress made.  I do want to be clear that I’m still very much dedicated to the project, it was really just an off month.  I’m nearing graduation which means a lot of elements of my life is about to change and it’s caused a lot of added stress, so I hope that you all will bear with me a little.


Things we are going to do:

To offset the shortcomings for last month, this month we are 100% going to have the tech demo testing out for Patreon supporters (then hopefully for the wider community once they approve).  From there I plan to have the terrain system integrated and tested.  I will be posting screenshots of the first terrain once we have it loaded in engine!  Please feel free to guess what our first island is going to be! 


As always,

Let the Storm Begin,

God Bless,


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