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Hey guys, I just wanted to answer a few of the common questions I receive about PSA:

What is Pacific Fury?

Pacific Fury is a naval, real time strategy game based in the WWII Pacific Theater.  The game will allow players an open sandbox experience as they command their nation to ultimate victory.  The player is responsible for construction of new units, researching new technologies, and commanding their units. The primary game mode will be an open campaign where both nations (USA and Japan) have starting units, bases, and techs and fight for victory in the Pacific.  The victory condition is limited only to your imagination.

Who is developing it?

Crusader Development Studio (CDS) is an indie studio that formed from a mod team that worked on Pacific Storm and Pacific Storm: Allies.

Is this an updated version of Pacific Storm?

No, this is a new game built on a completely new, in house engine.

Aren't there other games out there that look similar?

Absolutely! There are other WWII naval games out there, and we support all those games, and their developers; however, our goal is to present an open sandbox game, that has both the ability to stay true to WWII and allow freedom of choice from the players in the outcome of the Pacific Theater.  This combination is inspired by older titles, like Pacific Storm.

How can I help?

Simply being a part of the community is helpful; however, if you feel compelled, I do have a Patreon and PayPal set up to accept donations.  I pay out of pocket for asset creation, and our website, so these donations go to reimburse me for those expense, which ultimately means they are being used to fund the game’s development.

Where can I donate?

Donations are accepted both through Patreon and PayPal, the links can be found on the website.  Though we do accept them, I do want to be clear that this project will continue development with or without them, our passion is for the game we are making, and though donations are appreciated, they are never required to keep us working.

When can I get my hands on it?

I am currently a full-time student, and as such my time working on Pacific Fury is limited, due to this there are no set dates as to when we will release the game.  I feel it is better to release a good game, then a rushed one and fix it later. You can check out our progress on both our website and Trello board to get an idea on how the development is progressing!

Will it have modding support?

Absolutely!  I started as a modder, and I intend to support that with this game too!  With every bit of engine development, I’m keeping modding in mind!
Are you hiring, if so, where can I contact you?

Yes!  If you are interested on working on this project, feel free to apply on our website!  You can find an application in the “Support The Project” tab.

Will Yamato be in it?


Will (insert ship here) be in it?

We have a ship list on the website.  This list may change, so don’t take it for gospel, but it’ll give a reasonable idea on what ships you can expect to be present at the game’s launch.

Will there be language localization?

If I can find good translators, I would like to have this.
What about the British Faction?
Currently the only factions supported are USA and Japan as they were the main participants in the Pacific theater.

Will there be Walruses?

…who knows

How do you plan to balance the factions?

Our strategy is to balance factions by a simple numeric average.  We assign a power number to a class of ship and we will make the numbers equal across both factions.  This is not a perfect system, and more nuanced strategies will be employed later, but this will get us headed in the right direction.
Console/Linux/mac support? Smart watch compatibility?

Currently Windows is the only planned supported OS.

VR support?

Unlikely, though if anything changes, I’ll make sure to let you all know.

Will I have to micro-manage everything?

No!  There will be optional AI overseeing.

CAN I micro-manage everything?

Absolutely! Just turn off the AI assist and it’s all yours commander!

Do you plan to model people or go for equipment only?

The current plan is to only model equipment.  With the small team that we have, it’ll be a better use of time to build good equipment models over people.

How do you plan to optimize performance?

This has been a common question.  The engine will employ optimization strategies, and I do want to share more specifics; however, I would like to wait to talk about these when they are implemented and not just ideas.

 How realistic/arcade will it be?

This game will be more realistic leaning.  There will be some liberties taken for gameplay, however it is a true RTS with mostly historic numbers, not an arcade game where you directly command a single ship.

Will you have any gimmicks like loot-boxes/skins etc.?

Absolutely….NOT.  No gimmicks, no BS.  

What about seagulls; do we get seagulls, if not seagulls what about Walruses?

You want seagulls too?  You guys must love animals!

What does WWJD mean?


It stands for: What Would Jesus Do.  I learned it from my dad, and I use that as almost all my handles as a statement of my faith.

 Are you [WWJD] in school?


What is the best thing about working with this game?

It is most definitely getting to meet so many awesome people.  I have friends and contacts from all around the world now, and I have God and this project to thank for that.

Where can I suggest ideas?

You can post ideas on our discord, PSA steam group, or you can email me!

If you have any other questions just email me and I can answer them for you.  Thank you guys for all of your support.

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