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Hey everyone!

​This has been an awesome month of development!  We have some really cool things to show off, so let’s get into it!


Things we have done:

​Firstly, the Mogami cruiser is officially exported and running in game!  Images below for you guys!  She currently doesn’t have her guns equipped yet; however, as with the other ships those will be next to follow.

There has been great work with the damage and physics systems this month.  Damage is now applied to individual compartments (damage can be viewed in the damage readout menu).  Also, as preparation for the damage system’s completion, I modified the physics system to incorporate a buoyancy value.  This means that flooding in these compartments will have an actual affect on the ship, instead of sinking just being an animation.  Of course, there were other refinements to the system like adjusting when the visible entity adjusts its position (before it updated each frame, now it updates anytime the physics element registers a change.  This allows for certain entities who are just sitting there to not need to be constantly updated).

​Finally (and ironically the thing that took the longest) we now can place 2d Icons to mark specific locations!  This will allow the user to see where ships are moving, where they are attacking etc.

Things we are going to work on:

​This month we are going to build heavily off last month’s work.  I’ll be finishing up the damage system’s damage calculations. Which means the damage dealt will depend on protection values, total health, and ammo damage values.  Hopefully I can add flooding, and forces applied from flooding as well.

For the Mogami, we are going to get her armed, and her hitboxes designed and engine compatible.  This might take some time considering how large the ship is compared to the destroyers, but it’ll be great to have everything completed.

As an extension of equipment, I’ll also try to get the “equipment template” system running. This will allow users to configure and save what equipment is equipped at once.  At this time there won’t be a screen for configuring it all, but it will let us define a default template for testing, and will set us up for the UI work.


Issues we are having:

 Nothing to report on! :D



As always, make sure to let us know how we are doing, and what your thoughts are!  We are super excited with the progress we are making and hope to keep up the intensity!


Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!

God Bless,



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