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Hey everyone! 

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone has managed to have a great time over the Christmas (if you celebrate it) and New Year break!  Of course, I made sure to continue working on PF when I had some downtime, so there are a few things to report on, let’s get to it.


Things we have completed:

This month was slow for content, and engine work, however I spent an exorbitant amount of time building us a true flowchart for the development process.  With this, I also created a Trello board for the devs to communicate with each other, and for you the community to be able to have another source of information on how we are doing.  Trello is basically a graphical interface that allows us to break down individual tasks and show how far along we are on those tasks. For you the community that means you get to see how far we have come, and to see what is being worked on. 



Things we are going to work on:

This month my goal is to start really putting many of the pieces together.  I’m going to be advertising for new devs now that we have a clean way of supporting them.  I’m going to finish the script loading system for the engine so we can start building real scenarios and loading them in game (as well as allowing modders to add their own), and with any luck I want to integrate the particle system and if I have time the early parts of the damage system.  The damage system I’m wanting to implement will take a good bit of time to develop, however, If I get it working the way I want, I think that it’ll be a great feature for the game.


Along with this, we should have more of our historical data for equipment pulled.  All of these statistics are going to be available on the trello board for you guys to view!


Things we are having issues with:

Nothing really to report here.  Anything we are having issues with are being addressed this month anyway.


I’ll be linking below the Trello board for you guys, and you can find the Flowchart on the Trello board as well, so you can take a look at that if you so desire.  These two parts are still in development and will be continually updating throughout the life of the project, but since you can check them out at any point, you don’t need to worry about staying out of the loop. I also want to apologize for not having provided the monthly updates the last few months.  That’s my fault, and I’ll be staying on top of that better than I have been.  As always, if you have any questions thoughts or concerns, just let me know and I’ll get right back to you!


Have a great day!

Let the Storm Begin!



Trello Board:

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