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This was the very first update for PSA I ever created.  Overall the changes made were very minimal, however it sparked a much larger passion for this game.

From the steam post:

Hey everyone! I am creating this post so that you all can see where we are with the 1.6 patch, I will lock this discussion for now but will open it up before the release of the 1.6 patch. I will be posting screenshots of how everything is going. If you all have any comments just see if I'm on the group chat to talk to me, I'll try to be on it so that you all can talk to me about whatever.

Screenshots on the way!

Hey everyone, I found some good internet today and decided to upload the 1.6 patch so here you go: 


all you have to do to install is add this arch0003.sma file to the data folder found in your games directory. I would like you guys to post some screenshots so I can see how everything looks on your systems, also I want to hear feedback! GIVE ME FEEDBACK! with your feedback I'll be able to expand off of each patch and continue to make this game better and better AND BETTER! So enjoy and I hope to hear from you all.

Good luck,
God Bless,

Hey guys....I had a major fail, in my haste to upload the patch I might have left out part of it....

this is the new bin folder, just replace with your old one (backup the original) this has some new stuff in bad.




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