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What Are You Creating?

I am working on creating a WWII grand strategy game in the pacific.  The player will be given control over his nation and will command his navy, and nation through the different stages of the war.  There will also be multiplayer support so that you can wage war with or against your friends.  You can forge allies, or betray them.  This game will be built on a custom engine designed to be modded by anyone who is interested.  

What is Your Business Plan?

I am a huge advocate for the players, especially since I am one.  There won't be any BS when it comes to this game, you pay for what you get, and hopefully get more than what you payed for in terms of support.  I'm tired of how alot of developers release half done games and don't listen to their communities, I plan to change that.  I want full advice from the community that I have built, and are building on my design choices and feedback on how the game is perceived.

Why Are You Taking Donations?

During my work with PSA I received a few people who wanted to donate money for my work.  Now that I am starting to develop a new game I want to use this system to build funds that will allow me to continue to work on the game, as well as have some extra left over helping me not work as many hours, which in turn allows me to work on the project even further.

Why Should I Donate to You?

By donating you would be supporting me as an individual creator, as well as supporting the game's development cycle.  Your funds will go, in part, to obtaining assets that will increase the quality of the finished product as well as give me the opportunity to work more on the development instead of working at my other job.  My goal is to make developing this my full time job.

Tell Me a Bit About You.

I started with game development when i was about 16.  I started with building simple flash games, but then stepped up into modding an older game called Pacific Storm.  I built several unofficial updates for that game, as well as started building the community that I have today.  

I have for a while now wanted to step up my game and that is where this project comes from.  It has some throwback to the old game that I worked on, while still being a new project.

I am a full time student studying computer science and computer engineering.  Though computers are on of my passions I also enjoy history, tennis, and gaming in general.

I am a Christian, and though I am outspoken about it, I don't judge people based off of their thoughts or other beliefs.  I don't believe that is what God wants when He wants us to be out showing and living His words.

What Will I Get For Donating?

There are several rewards that are  given at different price points for the backers, the list of which you can find below.  However, the biggest advantage all my patrons get is the early looks at the game, and first to hear about new developments.  You guys as the backers will be the people heard the loudest.  The logic here is that if you are genuinely that interested in me or the game to donate money, you care enough to give the best feedback you can, thus making you the best voice of reason.  Though, all other voices of the community will be heard, yours will be the first to make a sound.

Can I Donate Only For a Short Period?

Of Course!  you can cancel at any time, or simply do a one time donation.  I don't take any of that personally.  I know how things change in peoples lives.  I'm just happy to know that people support my endevours.



Backer Rewards:

*these are based off of total accumulated donations, not just a one time sum.



$1 or more

All $1 and up backers will be added to the supporters list on the PS:A Gamer's steam group where everyone can see that you are a supporter, as well as be given the Backer rank for the PSA discord server.


 You will be eligible for Backer only beta testing as the building of the game continues.  


You will also be given a link to a YouTube playlist exclusive for the backers where I will be giving exclusive updates about the progress of the game.



$5 or more

You will be prioritized higher for beta testing as well as being added to the credits at the end of YouTube videos.


You will also receive everything from the previous tiers.


$10 or more

You will be in the highest priority for beta testing.  


You will also periodically receive emails outlining new plans and new goals for the development process, to which you can give direct input before any work has been put in on that topic.


You also will receive all the previous rewards from lower tiers.  


$25 or more 

You will receive the premium backer roll for our discord, opening the premium backers room open for you and others to discuss game development.


You will receive a free copy of the game once it has been released.


You will also receive all the previous rewards from lower tiers.

Fleet Commander

$50 or more

Upon game releases I will be creating several custom USB drives with the game to send to you.


You will also receive all the lower tiered rewards.

If you are not sure about processing a donation via PayPal I have a Patreon as well. All the same rules extend to both donation systems.  There is a link to Patreon on the right of your screen.  Or you can click here:












Thank you guys for stopping by!  Below there are links to discord, and the steam group that I have set up.

God Bless!


if you are already a backer and wish to cancel your payments, click the button below.  Thank you for your support! (this is a new donation system, if you are unable to unsubscribe my apologies, please email me or PM me and i'll get it sorted out for you.)

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