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What Are You Creating?

I am working on creating a WWII grand strategy game in the pacific.  The player will be given control over his nation and will command his navy, and nation through the different stages of the war.  There will also be multiplayer support so that you can wage war with or against your friends.  You can forge allies, or betray them.  This game will be built on a custom engine designed to be modded by anyone who is interested.  

What is Your Business Plan?

I am a huge advocate for the players, especially since I am one.  There won't be any BS when it comes to this game, you pay for what you get, and hopefully get more than what you payed for in terms of support.  I'm tired of how alot of developers release half done games and don't listen to their communities, I plan to change that.  I want full advice from the community that I have built, and are building on my design choices and feedback on how the game is perceived.

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